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    Brainstorm-English. Professional language services.

Katarzyna Burzyńska, PhD

Translation. We provide professional translation services in various branches e.g. science, IT, law etc. The texts translated by Brainstorm-English undergo proofreading in terms of language and terminology. Highly specialist texts are consulted with experts in the field.

Interpreting We always adjust the form of interpreting services to the individual needs of clients and the nature of the assignment or event. We offer the following interpreting services: simultaneous, consecutive and liaison.

Simultaneous. Simultaneous interpreting is always performed by two qualified interpreters who work together in a booth. The speaker delivers his speech into the microphone, while the interpreter interprets the text he/she hears in the headphones. Simultaneous interpreting is, physically and mentally, the most demanding form of interpreting and, thus, the interpreters regularly take turns in the booth.

Chuchotage (from French: whispering) is a form of simultaneous interpreting performed without any specialist equipment. The interpreter whispers to the client sitting next to him/her. This form of interpreting works best during small meetings when interpreting is needed for maximum three people.

Consecutive interpreting During consecutive interpreting the interpreter takes notes and delivers his/her translation when the speaker has finished a meaningful chunk of speech. A professional interpreter uses a system of notes and is capable of interpreting 3-5 minute-long chunks.

Liaison interpreting is most useful during negotiations and business meetings as well as business trips when moving from one place to another is required. The interpreter interprets shorter utterances and conversations.

Language courses Brainstorm-English offers a wide range of language services in the EFL field. We provide courses at all levels, individual classes and speaking classes. Our most important assets are:

  • A highly individualized approached tailored to the needs of each student
  • Training of all language skills (speaking, writing, reading, listening) and original teaching materials
  • Novel methods of language teaching.

Our curriculum is always based on CLT (Communicative language teaching) CLT focuses on interaction and is based on the use of original materials


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